GCW Alumni

Graphical CADD World's Alumni and all successful students are the ones who reckon and carry win-win model with their company or in their own setup. Having trained more than 11,000 students so far and having instilled a spirit of confidence and discipline, knowledge and expertise, excellence and caliber in CAD and creative field in them, our students exhibit a resounding professional attitude on their assignments, this is an added advantage not found easily elsewhere.

So far, our students either inland or who migrated overseas are part of our significant database of a Vibrant GCW Alumni. Not only a job, we have extended to assist in providing due inputs and help for potential learners and entrepreneurs who would launch their own small business in CAD and Design related fields. Happy and smiling faces that are our students to-date, are all we can say "Our Vision and Mission".

Please watch out this section with some fine talents we have produced and who are delivering with high quality works and are enjoying their career, cherishing their life.