Mechanical CADD Courses

Mechanical drafting technicians use computer-aided drafting (CAD) hardware and software to design and create 3-dimensional models of mechanical devices. Many programs require the completion of mathematics courses in algebra and trigonometry prior to enrollment.

In general, there are three program options for mechanical CAD students, including certificate, diploma and long-term degree programs. Certificate programs are frequently few semesters in length and designed to train entry-level mechanical CAD operators. There are also certificate programs that are designed for students with engineering backgrounds. Mechanical CAD diploma programs include a few general education courses along with CAD and engineering design courses.

Some common concepts found in mechanical drafting courses:
  • Creating/modifying geometry
  • Predefined shapes
  • Adding text and dimensions
  • Quality assurance
  • Material science

At Graphical CADD World, we have several options in Mechanical CADD courses which can be classified as under based on the length, curriculum and skill levels:

  • Basic Mechanical CADD
  • Computer Graphics for Engineering
  • Manufacturing Materials and Processes
  • Machine Design
  • Physics and Materials for Mechanical CAD Operators